Katarina Nails Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" Performing It On A Repeater

A 33-year-old musician, Katarína Šinková, who has a really special talent, also presented herself at the Czechoslovak talent at the last audition.

She does not need a musical background for singing performances, as she sings the entire song exclusively with her own voices and the help of technology!

Katarína is a true master of sounds, as evidenced by a past audition of Czechoslovakian talent. She sang "Shape Of You" on the stage, considered one of the greatest hits by singer Ed Sheeran.

But she did not only sang the lyrics but also the melody of the song. To do this, she used a special device that captures our sounds and then plays them in a loop in the background.

Katarina's performance also impressed the judges in the hall, and there is much support from online commentators. Hear how she tackled the worldwide hit "Shape Of You", originally performed by Ed Sheeran!
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