Mama Stork Eliminates The Little Storklet In A Nest

The animal world always offers us beautiful scenes, but unfortunately the reality is often relentless, especially in the wild, even if we are reluctant to admit it.

This is evidenced by a video from Poland, in which we can follow the unfortunate outcome of the stork family.

The video, which was posted online last month, has garnered more than a million views on the YouTube network to date alone, and with its content has made many animal lovers online think. The reality is often shocking in the animal world.

The scene, filmed by a camera next to a stork's nest, reveals the cruel unfolding we witness in animals. The mother stork killed her youngest storklet, and the poor animal could not defend itself against cruelty. Not even the fact that his brothers and sisters sided with it helped.

Look at a different side of life in the wilderness than we are used to. We remind you that the video is quite vivid and reveals the dark side of what is also happening in the animal world.
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