Near Fatal Paragliding Moment Where Chute Almost Doesn't Open

In May, a video of a paraglider who experienced a real horror in the air landed online.

Just a split second was enough for the paraglider to get entangled in the parachute before he began to fall toward the ground at high speed.

The scene taken by a paraglider near Mount Les Pléiades in Switzerland shows the moment when he got accidentally entangled in a parachute in the air. With the horror, he had no choice but to activate the emergency parachute.

The paraglider, who comes from France, confided to the media soon after the video was released that he still can't believe how lucky he was that day. He is said to be a professional parachutist, but this time he found out how fast things can go wrong.

Despite a hard landing, the French parachutist took it away unharmed, but it could all end in tragedy. See how quickly we can get in trouble in the air.
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