Octopus Rides Moray Eel To Avoid Its Jaws

The sea world hides many scenes that many ordinary people never experience. Even if you do not deal with diving, you can follow these scenes online.

Many divers are publishing video clips from the depths of the sea, and we have something to see in them.

One of the divers also made a special scene on the camera this time when he was discovering the depth of the sea. On the seabed he encountered an eel, who wanted an octopus for lunch.

On eel's misfortuneer its meal did not end the way it was planned.

The Octopus defended against the enemy in a completely unexpected way. It jumped to the eel, got a strong grip around it, then left after a few seconds and swam to the safely. Take a look at the scene that the diver witnessed in the sea these days!
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