Police Perform Music On The Street Of Spain During Isolation

Spain is also quarantined due to the outbreak of the epidemic, and a special video taken by local residents landend online.

Two police cars rushed to one of the streets of Mallorca with sirens, and police officers immediately surrounded the internet with their actions!

Many expected police officers to punish any offenders who failed to comply with the quarantine, but this was not the case. The vehicles stopped, then a special police action began.

Police officers stepped on to the streets with musical instruments in their hands, and many local residents were impressed by the sympathetic musical performance. The actions of police officers, without a doubt, have given many hope in these difficult times.

After the musical appearance, the police received a round of applause from the locals, then headed to another part of the city to cheer up people there as well. Without a doubt, an action that deserves sincere praise!

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