Rescue Puppy Who Was Squashed Under The Gate By A Cowardly Thug

Many owners do not deserve their puppies because they do not take good care of them.

Such is also the case with the owner of a little dog, who took care for a really mean move these days, but good people managed to save the dog.

A surveillance camera in the safe house of the shelter recorded a scene when an unknown man with a puppy in his hands approached the fence, where he pushed the puppy through the opening.

When the puppy was spotted, she was quickly taken to the vet. Earlier, it was assumed that the dog had been poisoned. And it really was that way.

In addition to the poisoning, the dog also had numerous fractures in the paw area, nerve damage and many abrasions. The society managed to save her, and the puppy was named Peach. She is now waiting for potential adopters who could offer her the love that all dogs deserve.
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