Emperor Penguin Chicks Jump Off A 50-Foot Cliff In Antarctica

These days, a video has gone viral on the Internet, where we can watch an extraordinary scene with emperor penguins in Antarctica.

The never-before-seen scenes were published online by National Geographic, and the video is already a hit on the YouTube network.

To date, more than 800,000 internet users have watched the scenes of baby penguins jumping on the aforementioned network, and many of them pointed out in the comments what a masterpiece the video is.

National Geographic, YouTube
We can watch the scene in Antarctica, when emperor penguin cubs jumped 50 feet (15 meters) off an Antarctic cliff. The extraordinary scenes were captured on camera by Bertie Gregory, and the video clip was published by National Geographic. The scenes will be used in the special documentary film Secrets of the penguins.

When emperor penguin chicks are six months old, they head into the ocean. Many of them choose simple jumps for their first dive into the sea, but some of them jump from very high ice cliffs. Such moments were captured at the beginning of the year by the above-mentioned photographer, and the video recording is a feast for the eyes of every animal lover.
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