Tesla Vandals Laugh As They Damage A Model 3 While Camera Catches Them In Act

Human nonsense does not really know the boundaries. This is also proved by two men in the video when they damaged a parked Tesla Model 3.

One of them took the keys into his hands, and then scratched the Tesla across the whole side. To their misfortune, they did not know that the car was equipped with cameras...

Tesla has a special system, called "Sentry Mode", which always records the surroundings of the vehicle. Even when the driver is not in the vehicle.

The aforementioned system captured two bad men, who keyed the Tesla. The vehicle was scratched two times, while both of them forgot the fact that the events around Tesla are always recorded with the camera.

Now the owner of Tesla is looking for the justice online and has already transmitted the video to police officers. An instant lesson is waiting for enviable men that they will remember for the rest of their life...
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