The Sound Of Silence In The Middle Of A Blizzard Is Pure Fairytale

The Simon & Garfunkel duo released the iconic song "The Sound Of Silence" back in 1964. The song is still considered one of the greatest hits in the world, and many world famous singers have tried to cover it.

One of the best performances besides the original is certainly the performance of Disturbed, which was taken care of in 2015.

The song was also performed  by YouTube user AcousticTrench, who has exceptional talent. The sound of "The Sound Of Silence" played on the guitar during the snowstorm, captivating many listeners worldwide.

His appearance has garnered over 3.5 million views on the YouTube network to date in just over a year.

He performed the song in his own way, and the weather in the recording made the atmosphere even more fabulous. Listen to the wonderful performance as AcousticTrench played "The Sound Of Silence" on guitar.
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