This Is One Of The Most Bizarre Soccer Goals We've Ever Seen

On Monday, a football match between Peruvian team Alianza Lima and Club Deportivo Palestino from Chile took place. A very strange goal was scored at the meeting, and the scene from the game was rounded up quickly online.

Most unlucky was the goalkeeper of the CD Palestino, when the ball landed in the net after the bizarre coincidence.

José Ignacio González, who plays goalie for Chile's ​Club Deportivo Palestino, recieved a goal on the match against Alianza Lima, which many sports enthusiasts describe as some of the most bizarre.

He practicly already saved the shot but then a real drama happened. As there was also a bit of wind, and the ball was spinning heavily, it soon landed on the ground. From there, it bounced straight into the goal!

Luckily for González the match ended with the win of CD Palestino. The score on the match against the club Alianza Lima was 2:1. Take a look at the bizarre goal that surrounds the world of football these days!
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