This Kestrel's Head Stabilization Skills Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

On the Anglesey Island, which is located on the northwest coast of Wales, a special scene was shot in June that year in which a bird stole all the attention.

It is possible to see a kestrel in the video, which used the buoyancy winds for almost immovable sailing!

A video clip created on Anglesey Island is already a real sensation on the Twitter social network. The author captured the kestrel when it took advantage of the winds and started sailing.

Thus, the bird could more easily focus on prey before it descended at a high speed in the desired direction.

Like the author, many other online viewers were especially impressed by the stabilization of the head of the bird: Kestrel in the video always kept the head in the same place. Look at the video, which is a real sensation on the web!
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