Tiny Albino Turtle Born With Heart Beating Outside Chest Finds Forever Home

Mike Aquilina has a special friend who is a turtle breeder. He recently told him that one of the newborn turtles would necessarily need a home and a loving owner, because it had a rarely deformation.

Mike told him he would take care of the turtle... But nothing made him ready for the bond he had made with this unique reptile!

A cute albino turtle came to the world with a very rare deformation - her heart was beating outside her chest. Shortly after Mike brought the turtle to his home in New Jersey, the turtle also had a great influence on him - that's exactly why he named her Hope.

"Hope has changed my life for the better in such a short amount of time," he told Caters News Agency. "I keep her water extra clean, give her a basking area that is as soft as possible and handle her as little as possible." 

Because the small turtle is very sensitive, her space must always be clean, and she also has to be separated from other turtles.

When you see how fearful and cute this albino turtle is, you will also fall in love with it!
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