Toddler Serenades Dog With Adorable 'Best Friend' Song

In recent months, a wonderful video has landed on the Facebook network in which all attention was stolen by the toddler and his dog.

The child gently hugged the dog, and during the hug he sang a song about friendship for him in a sympathetic way.

We have already seen many videos online where you can see the inseparable bond between human and dog. Life friends are also the toddler and the ddog in a video that landed online in April this year.

The toddler gently hugged the dog and then sang the song "Best Friend" for him, which talks about a friendship. The video and toddler's reaction has touched many animal lovers online.

To date, more than 9 million users have seen the touching scene on the Facebook network alone. Will the scene of the friendship between the toddler and the dog make your day better too?

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