Vandal Gets A Brick To The Face After Attempting To Damage A Handicapped Man's Car

On October 5, 2019, a surveillance camera in the village of Brandon near the English town of Durham captured a vandal who wanted to break in into a parked vehicle.

He approached a Renault Kangoo and then slammed a brick into the glass. The vandal was taken care of by the physics itself, and the whole drama was filmed by a security camera!

When he slammed a brick against the vehicle, which he had previously picked up from the ground, it bounced straight into his face. He got a painful lesson that he will remember for life!

Shortly after the incident, the police arrested him, so he got a double lesson.

The owner of the vehicle, Mr. Craig, who is in a wheelchair, didn't even know about the event. Police officers knocked on his door shortly after, explained everything, and got a video from the surveillance camera. Look what a lesson vandal got when he tried to damage a handicapped man's vehicle!
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