Women's Choir Brings Judge To Tears With Song To Fight Domestic Violence

The Australian talent audition also featured a female choir composed almost entirely of grandmothers.

Their performance was so remarkable that the grandmothers made many judges cry with singing, but also got wide fame online!

Australia's Got Talent show hosted midwives introducing themselves to the world by the name of Hummingsong Choir last August. The aforementioned choir has more than 450 members coming from six different places.

On the stage of Australian talent, women carried the message to communities that many of us are victims of violence. They sang the song "Somewhere Only We Know," originally sung by the band Keane.

Their singing performance was so wonderful that many judges cried along with the guests in the hall. When you hear how the midwives of the Hummingsong Choir sang the song "Somewhere Only We Know," you will be delighted!
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