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Video Shows True Power Of Nature In Asia, Footage Shocked Whole World
Sep 20, 2017 Nature

Disturbing footage has emerged of a dam bursting in Laos, flooding an entire construction site.

What is the San Andreas fault and where does it run?
The video, which was uploaded ...


He Was On A Cargo Ship For 30 Days. His Time-Lapse Journey Is Absolutely Stunning!
Sep 12, 2017 Nature

​The world's oceans are incomprehensibly vast, a fact that's quite apparent in this spectacular time-lapse of a cargo ship's journey over the course of a month.

YouTuber JeffHK took 80,000 ...


WATCH: Massive Landslide In India Sweeps Cars Over Cliff
Sep 05, 2017 Nature

A massive landslide on the busy Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway today buried eight vehicles and destroyed parts of three houses and a temple, the police said. No one was hurt in the incident.


Extreme Close Call Lightning Strike Captured On Camera In Canada
Sep 04, 2017 Nature

Observation of the storm is certainly a real fun for everyone. But such an act can also have tragic consequences.

Author was making a video of a storm in Canada, taking the moment on the ...


Time Lapse Shows Houston Harvey Flood In Meyerland Neighborhood
Sep 03, 2017 Nature

The street corner disappeared at Saturday 8/26/2017 around 8:00PM, and became impassable by 9:00PM (other than high trucks). The highest point of flooding was around Sunday 8/27/2017 1:00PM.


LIVE: Intense Footage Of Hurricane Harvey Which Hit Texas
Aug 26, 2017 Nature

Hurricane Harvey hit near Corpus Christi Friday night (Aug. 25), as a Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds and bringing the potential for "catastrophic" flooding across portions of south Texas. ...


Solar Eclipse Captured From The Shores Of Palisades Reservoir In Idaho Is Going Viral
Aug 23, 2017 Nature

Total solar eclipse attracted a lot of attention, and via live broadcast, whoel world was watching this rare moment.

One of the inhabitants of the state of Idaho, on the shores of the artificial ...


This Is How Total Solar Eclipse Looked Like While Driving A Car
Aug 22, 2017 Nature

If you want to be awe-inspired, see an eclipse for yourself. It's fascinating to see the world stop - no law enforcement, no mail, no transit, no traffic, and no worries - just a million people looking ...


He Placed A Camera In The Woods For 365 Days. This Is How One Year Looks In 40 Seconds
Aug 20, 2017 Nature

Back in 2005 Eirik Solheim did an experiment shooting images out of his window for one year. It turned out pretty cool and in the end of 2007 he decided to do the same. But in much better quality.


Antifa Gets Instant Karma After Punching Complete Stranger
Aug 18, 2017 Nature

The bike helmet guy comes up and challenges either the cameraman or the reporter to a fight. Then, he assaults the cameraman right in front of police officers while being filmed. That's just too much goodness ...


Mount Sinabung Spews Volcanic Ash Over 2 Miles High in Latest Eruption
Aug 04, 2017 Nature

Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra erupted on August 2, spewing volcanic ash as high as 2.6 miles, according to official reports.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency ...


It Seems Like An Ordinary Day At The Beach, But Next Moment Is Making Everyone Breathless
Aug 03, 2017 Nature

The visitors and locals were enjoying the gorgeous weather and beautiful ocean water at a peaceful beach in Puerto Rico had no idea what was brewing on the other side of a beach barrier one day. But one ...


Incredible Aerial Video Of Phenomenon Caused During Fire In California
Aug 01, 2017 Nature

Incredible aerial video shows a "gustnado" that formed Friday in California. The phenomenon was caused by windy conditions during a brush fire.

See how this phenomenon was seen ...


When There's No Ground In The Way, A Rainbow Can Be A Full Circle
Jul 25, 2017 Nature

Everyone knows how rainbows work: if you go to the end, there's a pot of gold. But what if... the rainbow has no end?

If you weren't on the ground, and were instead in a plane or a very, ...


The Moment A River Returns To A Dry Riverbed After Heavy Rains
Jul 21, 2017 Nature

Thomas Beresford captured this video of 'a river appearing from nowhere' at Ingleton in North Yorkshire.

After weeks without a rain, everything was so dry and there was no water in the riverbeds. ...


WATCH: Residents Capture Up Close Footage Of A Tornado In Iowa
Jul 14, 2017 Nature

A tornado touched down briefly late Tuesday afternoon in eastern Iowa, as seen in a video recorded by one resident.

In this clip captured by 44-year-old Aaron Meyer of Conroy, which was ...


This Video Shows That We Are Nothing Against The Nature
Jul 08, 2017 Nature

Four people have died in severe flooding that swept through numerous towns on Spain's southern coastline.

Torrential rains triggered flash floods and prompted weather alerts in Granada, ...


WATCH: Destructive Tornado In New Jersey Captured On Camera
Jun 26, 2017 Nature

The National Weather Service confirmed two tornadoes did touch down down near Howell in Monmouth County, New Jersey on Saturday morning, part of swift-moving thunderstorms that slammed the region.


WATCH: This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Valleys In Europe
Jun 25, 2017 Nature

This video was made in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled valleys in Europe, Soca Valley, Slovenia. It mostly presents river Soca with few of its many beautiful surroundings, Krn Lake, Boka Waterfall, ...


Beautiful Scotland In 4K Timelapse Looks Like A Fairytale
Jun 19, 2017 Nature

This is a timelapse video of Scotland taken over a 5 month period. Around 15,000 photos have been taken to produce this film.

Author Rasmus Sjogren made this video on the Isle of Skye and ...