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Parents Watch Their Daughter Get Married, Immediately Confused When Priest Says 'Stand Up'
Feb 18, 2017 Cool

Weddings are supposed to be all about the bride and groom! But the wedding between Drew and Gina in Scottsdale, Arizona was a bit different than most. Just as the young couple began their own vows, their ...


Steve Irwin's Son Looks And Acts Just Like His Dad In Jimmy Fallon's Show
Feb 18, 2017 Cool

Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy some animals including a dwarf crocodile, a red-tail boa and two sloths. He look like a copy of his deceased father Steve Irwin. ...


College Girls Exterminate Rat From The House With A Brilliant Plan
Feb 18, 2017 Cool

A group of roommates from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh came up with an inventive way of dealing with a rat problem — one that required teamwork, timing and precision.

"We had ...


Siena Fan Hits Halfcourt Shot Then She Gets Best Surprise Ever
Feb 18, 2017 Cool

Siena Basketball fan Erin Tobin hits a half court shot, and then gets proposed to by her boyfriend Steve Duckett who is dressed in the Dunkin' Donuts Cuppy mascot.


The Most Impressive Visual Effects Are The Ones You Don't Even Realize Are There
Feb 17, 2017 Cool

A short project that Roy Peker have created that explains what is VFX and especially Digital Compositing. Everybody has seen brutish CGI that is unquestionably not real. However, subtle VFX elements are ...


Touching Graduation Ceremony Moment Is Going Viral With Over 70 Million Views In A Day
Feb 16, 2017 Cool

6 years ago Chris Norton suffered a spinal cord injury in a football game. He was paralyzed from the neck down. At that moment he was forced to make the choice to either give up and let his life be determined ...


Drum Juggling Street Performer Will Blow You Away With His Skills
Feb 16, 2017 Cool

A street performer in Zaragoza, Spain drew in and dazzled a crowd with his awe-inspiring drum juggling where he would toss his drumsticks at a far away drum set, then catch them when they bounced back ...


Police In Netherlands Escort An Ambulance To Make The Trip As Smooth As Possible
Feb 16, 2017 Cool

After an accident in Netherlands the paramedics requested a police escort from the A12 near Nootdorp to the HMC Westeinde hospital in The Hague. After the request is granted by the supervisors three officers ...


How To Draw Perspective Without A Ruler
Feb 16, 2017 Cool

Draw like a professionl with this simple trick! If you always get confused about drawing something where the perspective makes point, then this tip is perfect for you. This video got more than 15 million ...


Mom's Gone, So Dad And Triplets Record Hilarious Music Video To "Sexy And I Know It"
Feb 15, 2017 Cool

Imagine the following scenario. You're not home and your husband is alone with the kids. You tell him that you'll be right back and you only need to run a few errands. What could possibly go wrong in only ...


Police Dashcam Shows Officer Save Restaurant From Burning Car
Feb 15, 2017 Cool

Thanks to the quick thinking of a police officer with the Glenn Heights Police Department, employees at a nearby Jack in the Box restaurant were saved from a burning vehicle stuck in the drive-thru lane. ...


Ceremony Interrupted By Voice From The Back, Bride Turns Around And Bursts Into Tears
Feb 14, 2017 Cool

Our wedding day is supposed to be perfect in every way. From the flowers lining the pews, to the song playing while the bride walks down the aisle, every little detail is planned out months in advance! ...


Japanese Professor Creates Amazing 3D Optical Illusions
Feb 14, 2017 Cool

Human eyes could be easier to trick than you might think. A Japanese professor, Kokichi Sugihara, created sculptures that trick the mind to see the impossible. He was the winner of the Best Illusion of ...


After His Son's Tragic Death, He Turned His Home Into A Cat Senctuary
Feb 13, 2017 Cool

Chris Arsenault, known to some on Long Island as "the cat man," cares for more than 300 cats both inside and outside his Suffolk County home.

He said he created the cat sanctuary ...


Little Girl Hears Grandma Accidentally Say "Bad Word," Goes On Tirade That's Melting Hearts Everywhere
Feb 13, 2017 Cool

In this video, little Josie certainly earns her title of diva as she is captured scolding her grandma for saying 'a bad word'. "I'm not talking to Mimi." she says to the camera. "Cause I'm ...


Is This Police Officer From Netherlands Coolest Cop Ever?
Feb 13, 2017 Cool

Here comes a video from Netherlands in which one cool cop stopped his car with another cop right next to a group of kids who were having fun in the snow. See what a body camera captured and why is this ...


You Ever Wanted To Put A Fireworks Inside The Printer? Here Is The Video!
Feb 13, 2017 Cool

Have you ever asked yourself how would an explosion of the priner looked like if there were stil full cartridges inside of it? Author of this video wanted to find out so he replaced one of the cartridges ...


When You Leave Your Baby With Man At Home, This Happens
Feb 12, 2017 Cool

Adam Ballard was home alone with his son Miles, so they found a "creative" way to pass the time. Take a look at this hilarious video and see what dad was doing with his son. It looks like all ...


This Is How Giant Tire Repair Looks Like
Feb 12, 2017 Cool

They don't throw giant truck wheels away once they're damaged but rather than that people fix them. It's way cheaper like this. Watch how professionals repair this giant truck tire. Did you know this is ...


Artist Covers Paper With A Spray Paint, Final Result Will Blow You Away
Feb 11, 2017 Cool

Street artist Porfirio Jimenez C. from Brazil made a video in which he used a spray paint to cover the white piece of paper. Once you will see his next move, you will agree how talented this artist is. ...