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Tiny Little Girl Gets Ready To Dance. When She Starts To Perform, Everyone's Heart Melted
Aug 18, 2017 Cool

Ella Dobler may be a young, but her talent far surpasses her age! Ella is just four years old - and despite her age, she knows that she has the talent to bring home the first-place trophy!

With ...


Teacher Gets A Wonderful Surprise From Her Students After Her Last Ever Class
Aug 18, 2017 Cool

When the time for retirement comes, saying goodbye to co-workers is always difficult. At such moments, one of the hardest goodbyes is surely when the teachers must leave so many students behind.


Russian Surgeon Shows Us Simple Tricks How To Get Rid Of Pain In The Back
Aug 17, 2017 Cool

Pain in the spine and the back is more common among us. Even a small exercise can help us to avoid health problems in the future.

The Russian surgeon has shared several ways on how to solve ...


Brother's Reaction Every Time His Sister Comes Home To Surprise Him Is Devastatingly Cute
Aug 17, 2017 Cool

"For anyone who is having a bad day: here is a video of my little brother's reaction every time I come home and surprise him," wrote Jess under her video of really touching brother's reactions ...


She Only Has One Leg, But She Still Follows Her Dreams With Dancing
Aug 17, 2017 Cool

Even if our life gets stuck, it's always necessary to follow your dreams. Where there is will, there is power too.

This girl in the video still follows her dreams after she lost her right ...


Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Steals Whole Show On AGT While She Sings With Closed Mouth
Aug 16, 2017 Cool

Child ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer performed Tuesday night on the first live show of "America's Got Talent" 2017, and she brought the house down thanks to her new puppet, a mouse named Oscar. ...


Wife's 19-Year-Old Son Gives Step Dad A Gift. He Loses It The Minute He Takes A Look Inside
Aug 16, 2017 Cool

For seven years, Tyler Dukes, 20, has looked up to his stepdad Blake Wilson, 34. Blake has been a father to Tyler in every single way Tyler could have hoped for.

So for one particular holiday, ...


Baby's Reaction To Hearing Mom's Voice For The First Time
Aug 15, 2017 Cool

For the first time this baby can hear her mom speak. Mother, Alison Potts, was born with a genetic hearing disorder. It was passed on to three of her eight children including Ellianna. At three-months-old, ...


Guy Drops Phone Out Of Plane While Recording And Somehow It Survives The Fall
Aug 15, 2017 Cool

While Westmoreland, Tennessee man Blake Henderson was flying in a plane and taking a video of another plane with a Samsung Galaxy S5, his phone accidentally got sucked out of the window and it somehow ...


Ride An Inflatable Slice Of Pizza Down A 300 Foot Iceberg
Aug 15, 2017 Cool

Ethan Pringle, an American rock climber, had a different use for the inflatable slice of pizza that a friend brought on their adventure to Greenland. While Ethan ended up water, it wasn't comfortably on ...


The World's Biggest Hardboiled Egg
Aug 14, 2017 Cool

Youtuber Viva Frei was challenged by a subscriber to create the world’s largest hard boiled egg. He accepted the challenge, and used an ostrich egg to do so! The egg has as much nutritional value as ...


8 Couples Form A Diagonal Line On The Floor. The Crowd Went Wild With Their Following Move
Aug 14, 2017 Cool

While most dancers in a competition use classical or jazz music, these performers decided to go a different route entirely! They chose Vanilla Ice's hit hip-hop tune "Ice Ice Baby" for their ...


Mom Caught Her Son Holding His Baby Sister, The Song He Sings To Her Is Going Viral
Aug 14, 2017 Cool

Gazing into his beautiful baby sister's eyes inspired this young boy to sing a special song just for her. Brother sat very still on the couch as a pillow helped prop up his baby sister on his lap. He was ...


Have You Ever Wondered, How Gigantic Ships Are Launched Into The Sea?
Aug 14, 2017 Cool

The launching of the ship is a major event for each shipyard, as it represents a successful completion of the work of a group of designers, constructors and contractors. For all of those who did not participate ...


Family Rushes To Hospital To See A Newborn. They Didn't Expect Such A Surprise
Aug 13, 2017 Cool

When a loved one gives birth, the first thing you want to do is rush over to the hospital and meet the little one! But when Theresa Slater and her husband called their loved ones over to welcome their ...


Guy Makes An Archery Trick Shot, Video Is Now Going Viral
Aug 13, 2017 Cool

Josh Thompson is a big fan of archery, and when it comes to shooting arrows, he is the real master. He proved this with the latest video, which quickly impressed many around the world.

Take ...


Construction Workers Caught A Man Stealing So They Took Matters Into Their Own Hands
Aug 12, 2017 Cool

Another video has landed on the web, where many people are applauding road workers. They caught a black man when he was stealing from their trucks, and they took matters into their own hands. The bad guy ...


Young Dancer Merrick Hanna Shines With Incredible Performance On AGT
Aug 12, 2017 Cool

Merrick Hanna wowed us all when he told an emotional story through dance during his America's Got Talent audition and now he's bringing joy in his second performance on the show.

The 12-year-old ...


Mom Breaks The News He's Going To Be A Big Brother. His Comeback Lights Up The Internet
Aug 12, 2017 Cool

After the first ultrasound appointment, mom Sarah had handed his son two sonogram pictures, anticipating his reaction upon becoming a big brother.

Sarah thought Ethan would be happy to ...


Young Magician Performs Unbelievable Card Trick And Leaves AGT Judges Speechless
Aug 10, 2017 Cool

Prepare to be amazed by this card trick from Henry Richardson during the Judge's Cuts round of America's Got Talent.

The 15-year-old magician did some close-up magic for the judges. First, ...