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Jun 28, 2016 Category: Sport Author: mate

Goosebumps All Over The Body And Pure Happiness When Small Iceland Defeated England On Euro 2016

Miracles do happen. Now definitely Icelanders believe in miracles after their team defeated strong England from Euro 2016 eighth finals. Firstly Wayne Rooney scored in fourth minute from a penalty kick but their joy didn't last long as Ragnar Sigurdsson scored for Iceland just two minutes later. But in eighteenth England was shocked after Iceland scored again. It was a great shot from 46 feet (14 meters) by Kolbeinn Sightorsson, which made Icelandic commentator go crazy!

This small country with only 332,529 people will definitely remember this match for years. Take a look at both videos and listen how commentator went crazy and let your skin be covered in goosebumps when fans started to celebrate their victory after the match!


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