13-Year-Old Russian Girl Inspires The World With Rollerskating Performance

Sofia Bogdanova is a 14-year-old girl, born in Moscow. Her big love is rollerblading, and she has been involved in this activity since she was seven.

The girl is also involved in roller skating professionally - she has already won first place in the junior category at the World Championships in the Czech Republic, and she repeated the achievement in 2018, when she performed in China.

It is from the city of Wuyishan in China that comes a video in which 13-year-old Sofia Bogdanova showed off her exceptional talent on roller skates when she presented her talent in classic slalom.

The video of her wonderful performance is a real success online - to date, the video has been viewed by almost 1.3 million online users on the YouTube network alone. Take a look at the girl's dance performance on roller skates, with which she will no doubt take over you too!
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