Animal Trainer Shows His Acrobatics With A Help Of Elephants

With good relations, an inseparable bond can develop between man and animal that nothing in the world can break.

Rene Casselly, who is a fan of acrobatics and at the same time takes care of a herd of elephants, proved this claim with a very special series of videos.

Rene Casselly says elephants are his pets, but also very loyal friends. Everyone spends their free time with joint adventures, which Rene repeatedly captures on camera and shares scenes with his followers.

A compilation of remarkable feats performed by Rene with the help of elephants has landed online these days. The animals help him with many acrobatics, with which Rene takes the viewers' breath away.

Take a look at the wonderful bond between man and elephants as they perform many acrobatics together. Another proof of how smart animals elephants are.
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