Close Encounter With A Grizzly Momma Bear And Cubs

A year ago, a video appeared on the YouTube network, where we can watch an unexpected meeting.

During a walk in Alaska, the family was surprised by a mother bear with two cubs, and the close encounter was recorded by Ojas Gokhale on his mobile phone.

The video that Ojas published on the YouTube network is already a real hit there - to date, it has reached more than 100,000 views, and many internet users are enthusiastic about the meeting.

We can watch the scene in the Katmai National Park in Alaska, when a grizzly bear with two cubs walked past a family. Fortunately, she didn't care about the hikers and just continued on her way with the cubs.

Watch the unusual encounter in Alaska when a family was surprised by a mother bear with two cubs. How would you react in such a moment?
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