Diver Comes Face To Face With A Massive Anaconda

Imagine encountering an Anaconda, considered the largest snake in the world, when diving?

It was just such a scene that two divers from Brazil witnessed as they dived into the Formosa River!

In the Brazilian river mentioned above, diver Bartolomeo Bove filmed a giant anaconda from close range. He was accompanied by his friend Juca Ygarape in the river, and the giant snake, according to them, was very calm, but also curious. It swam around them and their recording equipment, never showing its aggressiveness.

Nevertheless, many wrote online that they would not go into the said river for any price!

Anacondas are not toxic, but they have a different ability - the extraordinary power with which they choke their prey. It lives in South America, and an adult snake can weigh over 550 pounds and grow up to 32 feet in length.
Son of a biscuit!
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