Dog And Mailman Have The Sweetest Relationship

Another cute video has landed online in which we can follow the friendship between the postman and the dog.

The dog waits for the arrival of the postman every morning, and according to the owners, a wonderful friendship has developed between them.

Whenever a dog sees or hears a postman's vehicle, he runs to the yard where he patiently sits on the ground. He wags his tail happily and waits for the postman, then starts to jump with joy.

The owner of the dog told the media that apparently, judging by the response, the postman is also enthusiastic about the dog. Not long ago, she found out that the postman had to say goodbye to his dog recently.

Watch a wonderful video of the friendship between the dog and the postman, which has circulated online this year and attracted a sincere smile to the faces of many. Another proof that friendship knows no boundaries.
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