Family Of Paddle Boarders Have Close Encounter With Stowaway Seal

The web is surrounded by another wonderful video in which 52-year-old Daren Ford and 50-year-old Kerrie Rocket experienced a very special scene while paddling.

They were joined by a seal on the river, and the video is already a real hit online.

Daren and Kerrie were paddling along the Arun River near the town of Littlehampton in the UK in the company of a few friends when they were visited by a seal. The locals already know the animal well, and they named it Gavin.

The seal first climbed on Kerrie's board, and Daren managed to record the whole scene on his mobile phone.

See what a meeting Daren and Kerrie witnessed as they paddled down the Arun River in the company of friends, not far from Littlehampton. Have you ever seen a seal live?
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