Female Driver Parks Her Car On Tram Tracks, Results Into Pure Comedy

Odessa is a port city in the southwest of Ukraine along the Black Sea, where the Russian naval port stood during the Soviet Union.

From the city mentioned comes a video of a scene at which many people can't resist laughing!

At one of the intersections there, a traffic control camera filmed a pure comedy. A female driver parked her vehicle in a small space in the middle of the intersection, then problems soon arose.

Namely, a tram track was running right next to her vehicle. Whenever a tram passed by, traffic stopped for a while, and passengers had to make a way by pushing the vehicle forward. But unfortunatelly the rails were on the other side too!

Such actions were repeated for a good two hours before the driver returned to her vehicle. A comment from a local resident also appeared under the video, saying local people are so friendly there that they would rather push the vehicle for two days than call police officers who would issue a big penalty for this little mistake.
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