Grizzly Bear Charges While Protecting Her Cubs

A video clip landed on YouTube months ago, where we can watch the defense of the mother bear.

A female grizzly bear stood up for her cubs as she charged towards another curious bear, and tourists caught the scene on camera.

The video, in which we can observe the protective nature of the mother bear, is already a hit on the Internet - it has reached tens of thousands of views on YouTube alone, and the video has attracted the attention of many animal lovers.

Dylan, YouTube
We can follow the scene in Alaska, when a female grizzly was wandering with her cubs. They were kept company in the distance by another bear, which curiously approached the family. When the mama bear had had enough, she charged straight towards him at full speed.

Take a look at the scene from Alaska where we can follow a female grizzly bear defending her cubs from another curious bear.
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