Helicopter Plummets Out Of The Sky Into New York's Hudson River

Yesterday, a video clip appeared on the web, in which a terrible scene could be seen. Over the Hudson River, a helicopter was flying in New York when it lost its resistance in the air and crashed into the river along with the pilot.

Only a pilot was on board the helicopter, who luckily took it with just a few bruises and bumps.

In a clip that has circled the web these days, we can see a helicopter over the Hudson River on the west side of New York's Manhattan district. Everything went wrong in a fraction of a second, when the pilot lost control of the helicopter.

He crashed straight into the Hudson River, injuring a worker who carried out maintenance work nearby.

Immediately after crashing, the pilot switched on the helicopter's flotation equipment, keeping the aircraft from sinking. Take a look at how the entire drama with the crash of the helicopter was captured on the camera by the passers-by!
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