Historic Indian Bridge Destroyed By A Massive Rock Slide

Tragic news is coming from India about a landslide that killed 9 people and injured at least three.

The entire drama was filmed by hikers, and the video is a new proof of the danger we can face when visiting the mountains.

Sangla is a town in the Baspa Valley, also called the Sangla Valley, in Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh, India, near the Tibetan border. There also stood the historical Indian bridge, which collapsed these days due to a rock slide.

The drama, when the landslide triggered, was recorded by eyewitnesses on a mobile phone, and the video was immediately rounded up online these days. In the video, we can also follow the moment when the famous bridge collapsed due to rocks.

Take a look at the gruesome scenes from India where a rock slide killed nine people.
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