Huge Mudslide Dragging Several Houses Into The Sea In Alta, Norway

In northern Norway, a mudslide triggered near the city of Alta, destroying eight houses.

The video of the mudslide also landed on the Twitter network, where it has already reached more than 2 million views in just one day.

The scene, filmed on camera by local Jan Egil Bakkeby, drove fear to many viewers. A massive mudslide swept away eight houses that ended in the sea, and two people had to be evacuated by rescuers. A dog also slid towards the sea together with the houses, but he managed to save his life.

One of the homeowners told the media that he first heard a loud bang, which made him think someone could break into the house. It soon turned out to be a major mudslide.

As the terrain there is very difficult to access, the rescue was carried out only with the help of a helicopter. Mudslides, especially in the north of Norway, are not uncommon, and the latest video will also drive fear into your bones.
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