Hundreds Of Dolphins Dead On A Beach In Annual Faroe Islands Hunt

The Faroe Islands have been carrying out traditional dolphin and whale hunting for centuries, and these days this year's event has been condemned by many.

In recent days, they have boasted a record catch there, killing more than 1,400 dolphins.

A record dolphin massacre was recorded in the Faroe Islands last Sunday when more than 1,400 dolphins were driven into the shallows off the coast of Skalabotnur on Eysturoy Island. Cruel animal slaughter followed, and the nonprofit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society strongly condemned the past event.

Even many locals in the Faroe Islands are outraged by the record slaughter of dolphins, who do not approve such actions. Many online users have been petitioning for a long time to demand that such cruelty should be stopped immediately.

The practice of hunting whales and dolphins is centuries old - hunters there drive dolphins by boat into the shallow sea along the coast, then kill them with knives, and the meat is shared among the families who participated in the hunt.
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