Intense Bike Chase In Brazil, Captured From Police Officer's Helmet Camera

These days, a video in which we can see the dramatic police hunt after a motorcyclist that took place two years ago in Brazil is spreading on the web again.

The scenes were shot by a motorcycle cop helmet camera, and the video has exceeded half a million views to date.

A police officer was chasing a motorcyclist, and the dramatic video left many speechless online. The chase lasted "only" a few minutes, but the motorcyclist had almost no chance in front of an experienced police officer.

Many on the web have pointed out that both the police officer and the motorcyclist are real "professionals" as they have managed to keep themselves on two wheels all the time.

In the end, the motorcyclist realized that he would not be able to escape the police officer, so he stopped at the side of the road and surrendered. See what a drama a police officer's camera filmed during the police chase in Brazil!
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