Lea Kyle Surprises The AGT Judges With Stunning Quick-Change

In the last quarterfinal of the America's Got Talent 2021 show, where we once again witnessed outstanding performances, a contestant named Lea Kyle shone on stage.

Her performance is already a real sensation online, and many viewers are thrilled with her exceptional talent.

Lea is a talented illusionist from France, who has already impressed many at the last audition, when she showed her skills while quickly changing clothes. It was at the audition for the show America's Got Talent where she received a Golden Buzzer from the judge Heidi Klum, which took her straight to the quarterfinals.

This time, the Frenchwoman presented her exceptional abilities next to the song "Just A Girl" playing in the background, originally performed by the American rock band No Doubt.

Take a look at the exceptional talent and performance provided by the likeable Lea Kyle from France in the show America's Got Talent 2021.
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