Man Sweeping Floor Loses His Broom

If you've also craved doses of laughter yourself, then you've come to the right place.

A video from a security camera has landed online in recent days, in which we can follow a real comedy, which was taken care of by a waiter in a restaurant.

As the man had some free time, he started sweeping the space, but soon encountered a big obstacle - the broom disappeared from his hands, and despite an intense search, he could not find it.

He had previously placed the broom under his armpit, and it was this movement that really confused him. Unknowingly, he looked for the broom in all possible places, then a colleague came to his aid, who quickly revealed where the broom really was.

When you see the waiter's response in the video after he lost his broom while cleaning the room, you'll laugh at the scene yourself from the bottom of your heart.
Son of a biscuit!
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