Mom Fights Back During Terrifying Kidnap Attempt In Broad Daylight

An unusual incident has occurred from the city of Queens in the US state of New York in recent days - security cameras caught an attempt of kidnapping a child in broad daylight, when he was walking on the sidewalk with his family.

The criminal was prevented from doing so by a brave mother who chased after him and then pulled the 5-year-old child out of the vehicle.

That criminals are becoming more and more presumptuous is also evidenced by a video in which we can follow an attempt to kidnap a child in broad daylight. The black man approached the 5-year-old child and then took him to his vehicle in front of his mother and two other children.

An older man was sitting there with him, and the mother ran after the attacker without hesitation and successfully rescued the child from the car.

The man and his accomplice fled the scene of the incident, but the police have already tracked him down and arrested him. See how quickly a walk can turn into a real nightmare.
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