Owner Thought Her Puppy Swallowed A Squeaky Toy

A funny video landed online in which one man took care of an imaginative prank.

He honestly pranked the owner of the dog and filmed his entire feat on camera, then posted the video online.

The man first ripped a squeaky teddy bear in front of the camera and picked up a small flute, which produces a familiar whistling sound when you press on the airbag.

He then deasembled the flute and inserted a small portion into his mouth. Every time he blew in it, a squeaky sound was produced as we hear it when squeaky toys are squeezed.

He took the dog in his arms, then walked with it to the owner. There, he told her that the dog had eaten a whistling device, and with a prank he made many people laugh online. See how he pranked the puppy owner with a squeaky toy!
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