Paraglider Gets Blown Off Course, Crashes Directly Into Cliff Face

Greg Overton is a big fan of paragliding, and he's been involved into a real shock in those days.

In the vicinity of the Mürren village in Switzerland, he dropped off a cliff with a parachute, but then 10 minutes later a great drama was captured on camera.

He was fyling about 500 meters above the ground, surrounded by a rock wall, when he suddenly lost the height and control of the parachute. He struck hard into the cliff face and fortunately, after the collision, he was still in consciousness.

He then regained control of the parachute and successfully landed. The entire drama was shot by the GoPro camera mounted on his helmet.

After landing, Greg Overton walked to a 4 kilometers remote train station, then went to the hospital by train. During the collision he suffered a fracture of the vertebrae and numerous abrasions, while his helmet was broken in half.
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