Paralysed Groom Stands Up With The Help Of Brother And Father To Dance With His Bride

Five years ago, Hugo Rohling from Brazil suffered a serious accident with his motorbike. As he remained paralyzed, his life turned upside down that day.

Since then, he has been moving with a wheelchair, and few month ago he had married his girlfriend.

At the wedding, he promised eternal loyalty to his wife Cinthia Zanuni, and he delighted all the guests with a special move. With the help of his brother and father, he stepped on his feet and then danced for the first time with his wife Cinthia.

When Hugo was sitting in a wheelchair, he was approached by his father and brother. They strapped his legs to theirs, then they all got up and danced while the song "Make It To Me", performed by singer Sam Smith was playing in the background.

A video clip taken by a friend of newlyweds at the wedding immediately circled the Facebook social network. To date, it has over 65 million views. Will the scenes also impress you too?
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