Pilot Hangs Onto Wing While Checking Fuel Manually

What to do if you have problems with fuel supply during the flight?

If you are a daring pilot in the video, then you can climb high on the wing of the plane and manually check what is really going on.

A video has landed online in recent days in which a pilot encountered problems while flying in the company of another pilot. Due to a fault in the fuel supply, he decided to take a bold and crazy action - he climbed on the wing during the flight, and then manually checked what was happening with the fuel mechanism.

The pilot's move has left many online users speechless. This is a really dangerous thing to do, which in the event of additional problems could end quite differently than it did in the video.

The entire feat was filmed by the pilot on a camera mounted on his body. Take a look at the most daring pilot, who climbed on the wing of the plane during the flight and checked what is happening with the fuel.
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