Protective Goose Won't Let Anyone Hurt His Rescued, Mini-Horse Best Friend

The little horse Waffles and the goose Hemingway lived in very unsuitable conditions as they were neglected by the owner.

Despite a difficult life, they became best friends - a very special bond developed between them, which could not be broken.

After a call for help, good people from the shelter came to the area and loaded the animals onto a truck. They soon realized that they would have to house the cavalry and the goose in the same space.

But that's where the first problems started - every time one of the volunteers in the shelter visited the horse, he received a very special lesson. The goose stepped in to defend the horse and tried to protect it at all costs.

Soon new owners were found who adopted both Waffles and Hemingway. They now live together on a new farm, and with loving owners, their mutual love will surely increase day by day. Another proof that we also find such friendships in the animal world.
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