Roberta Battaglia Sings An Amazing Rendition Of "What About Us" By Pink

Roberta Battaglia is an 11-year-old girl that many of us met at the audition of the show America's Got Talent, where she received a Golden Buzzer for her performance.

This one took her all the way to the semi-finals, and these days she performed on the big stage again, impressing many with her singing talent.

11-year-old Roberta, who recently celebrated her birthday, already shone at the audition of the AGT show. She sang the song "Shallow", originally performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and received a Golden Buzzer from the judge Sofia Vergara.

The girl also proved herself in the semi-finals these days, where she presented herself with the song "What About Us", which was presented to the world in 2017 by the American singer Pink.

Listen to a wonderful semi-final performance on the show America's Got Talent 2020, in which 11-year-old Roberta Battaglia presented herself with a song by Pink. Will she impress you too with her singing performance?
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