10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Sings Lady Gaga's "Shallow", Gets Golden Buzzer

Roberta Battaglia, a 10-year-old girl from Canada, also auditioned for the America's Got Talent show.

Even though she is still very young, she impressed all the judges with her singing talent - so much so that she even received a Golden Buzzer for her performance!

America's Got Talent, YouTube
Roberta Battaglia had a hard time holding back tears as she entered the stage when she saw a large crowd of people and famous judges in front of her. She was particularly impressed with film actress Sofia Vergara, who takes a place among the judges.

The brave girl presented herself in the show America's Got Talent 2020 with the hit "Shallow", originally performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

For a wonderful performance, Roberta received the Golden Buzzer of juror Sofia Vergara, which takes her straight to the semi-finals. Would you believe a 10-year-old girl has such an adult voice?
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