Speeding Motorcyclist Crashes Into A Car, Gets Run Over By A Truck

These days, a video of a horrific traffic accident caused by a motorcyclist has landed on the Internet.

According to many, the motorcyclist miraculously survived the collision, and the video has attracted a lot of attention on YouTube.

A man who goes by the nickname Street Demon PC on YouTube posted a video on his channel that could be a warning to many motorcyclists. Four months ago, he caused a serious traffic accident on the highway, and luckily for him, he survived the collision with many serious injuries.

At the recording, he pointed out that he was too brave during the ride, but after a long recovery everything ended well for him. While speeding, he first crashed into a vehicle, then was hit by a truck. He suffered more than 20 facial bone fractures, broke his arm in two places, and collapsed his lungs. He also suffered a fractured rib and fractured two spine discs.

The video clip of the horrific accident has reached almost 100,000 views on YouTube to date, and many internet users wrote that the motorcyclist was definitely accompanied by a guardian angel. See what a horrible accident a speeding motorcyclist survived.
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