Store Owner Leaves A Painful Surprise For Thief Stealing From Cash Drawer

Human stupidity has no limits, just as many thieves have no limits.

Among them is a woman in the video bellow who tried to steal money from a cash register in a small shop. Unfortunately for her, the store owner set a trap.

The seller and the owner of the store noticed some time ago that money was disappearing from his cash register. He was determined to get to the bottom of things, so he set up a hidden camera and equipped the cash register with a trap. If a stranger reached for the money, his hand would end up in a trap.

It wasn't long before he had already caught one woman with the said trap. During the conversation, she reached for the cash register, opened it, and then experienced the salesman's lesson.

Her hand was caught in a trap made of string, and the whole scene was recorded by the seller on a mobile phone, which he had previously hidden in the immediate vicinity of the cash register. See how he exposed the daring customer!
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