Theme Park Pendulum Ride Snaps In Midair

A terrible accident took place in the theme park in Ahmedabad, located in the west of India. A large pendulum broke in half during operation and fell to the ground.

There were 30 people on the device. Two people lost their lives in the accident, and another 27 were wounded.

The authorities have already arrested six people during the investigation, which they consider to be responsible for the accident. One of the visitors also captured a horror on camera in the amusement park.

At first everything seemed to be in the finest order, but then the pendulum collapsed and fell to the ground.

There are no children among the injured, and at least 14 people are still in critical condition. Park Director Ghanshyam Patel told the media that he doesn't understand how a huge metal tube could break, as there are two huge, 20-ton bearings in the interior.
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