Toddler With Rare Disease Shares Precious Laughs With Daddy

Two-year-old girl Ainsley Grace was born to her parents with a rare condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta which severely weakened her bone structure.

Doctors prepared the parents for the worst before the birth, as they doubted that the girl could survive.

Her parents are convinced that a miracle happened at her birth - Ainsley survived the childbirth. Despite the happiness, the girl is under the constant supervision of the medical staff who take care of her.

The father posted a video on Facebook that touched the hearts of many. He glowed with happiness when a cute little girl stole all the attention in front of the camera.

Ainsley laughed out loud at her father, and her laughter and play gave her parents extra hope. When you see this scene from the hospital, a sincere smile will come on your face.

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