Truck Gives Lesson To Mercedes Driver After Stupid Overtaking

These days, an older video from Hungary has rounded up all over the web again, where we can follow a lesson in traffic.

Due to the narrowing of the highway, all drivers drove slowly and carefully - with the exception of the driver of the Mercedes, whose actions endangered other road users.

First, the driver of the Mercedes drove past some drivers, and then encountered too big of an obstacle - two trucks were driving in front of him in parallel, which did not give him the opportunity to continue his aggressive driving.

He tried to overtake one of the trucks right over the shoulder line, but the driver of the truck blocked his way. He even tried to overtake between the two lanes, but was unsuccessful even then.

Take a look at an unusual lesson from a motorway in Hungary in which two truck drivers provided a dose of justice. Did they do the right thing or did they endanger other road users by their actions?
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