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Octopus Suddenly Emerges From Water, Then It Gives Bystanders An Unexpected Gift
Oct 21, 2017 Animals

Visitors at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California got more than they bargained for while walking along the coastline. Being careful not to disturb the precious balance of nature, the humans kept ...


Smiley The Blind Dog Left Us Forever. Do You Remember Him?
Oct 21, 2017 Animals

One of Canada's happiest and most well-loved faces has sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Smiley, the blind golden retriever who's been working as a therapy dog for most of his 15 years, ...


It Seemed Like Any Other Car Ride. When Dogs Find Out Where They Are Going, They Go Nuts!
Oct 20, 2017 Animals

These four German Shorthaired Pointers all understand one particular word. It's the one their owner uses when he's taking them to walk in their favorite place. And once he says that word, they have plenty ...


Dog Doesn't Recognize Owner After Five Weeks. Just Wait Until He Sniffs Him!
Oct 20, 2017 Animals

Shane Godfrey lost 50 pounds and didn't look like himself, according to his Facebook post. The Sanford, NC man spent five weeks in the hospital recovering from complications caused by the flu. Shane almost ...


He Was Cruising Miles Offshore, Then He Saw This Animal. His Action Is Going Viral!
Oct 19, 2017 Animals

Man in the video was coming in from an offshore trip and he noticed a weird shaped object floating in the distance. All he could see were the multiple fins running down its back so he though it was some ...


59-Year-Old Chimp Refuses To Eat And Drink. But Watch When She Sees An Old Friend
Oct 18, 2017 Animals

One chimpanzee, a 59-year-old female named Mama, lived a life that most rescued chimps would dream of. She was the matriarch of her group within the Royal Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands, and commanded ...


Man Finds Fawn 'Hiding' In Middle Of The Road, Quickly Leaps Into Action
Oct 18, 2017 Animals

Whhen Steve Knoop and his friends discovered a newly born fawn in the middle of the road, they knew they had to do something. "We really should get it out of the road," says the cameraman in ...


This Cow Born With No Frontal Legs Is The Wonder Of Nature, This Is How It Walks
Oct 16, 2017 Animals

Another video clip has circled the web in which we can see a cow that has no front legs. According to the author, the cow is without legs from its birth.

But where is the will, there is ...


Woman Falls To The Ground During Competition. Dog's Next Move Is Putting Tears In Everyone's Eyes
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

We've seen some smart dogs in the past, but nothing compares to this pupper from Italy. Lusy Imbergerova and her dog Deril step onto the FCI Dog Dancing Championship stage and are ready to give the performance ...


He Was Filming The Woods, Then This Roaring Red Stag Came Near Him
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

The author of the video was filming a forest when a big red deer appeared infront of him. With a loud roaring, he informed everyone that he is the king in this area.

And when he was completely ...


Penguins May Be Agile In Water But On Land, They Are So Hilarious
Oct 15, 2017 Animals

We all know that penguins are excellent swimmers and that they are more than perfect in the water. But there are only a few of us who know that the penguins are very clumsy on the land. With their funny ...


Divers Find Themselves Up Close To A Giant Fish You've Never Seen Before
Oct 13, 2017 Animals

Though much of the planet is covered in water, there is still a lot about the undersea world that many do not know. Meet one of the ocean's most intriguing creatures, the Mola mola, also known as the ocean ...


Gecko The Lizard Steals The Whole Show In Cutest Moment Captured On Camera
Oct 12, 2017 Animals

If you are a true animal lover, then you need to watch this video. In it, the owner of the gecko, who comes from the family of lizards, recorded the moment when the reptile asked him for food in the cutest ...


Stray Puppy Befriends Travelers, Then Something Wonderful Happens
Oct 11, 2017 Animals

These people were traveling in Greece when they fell in love with a stray puppy. After they gave him some food and a collar, he was following them everywhere.

But then they had to decide ...


Horse Was Chained In The Middle Of A Forest For Years. His Reaction Says It All!
Oct 11, 2017 Animals

Located in the wilderness of Letea, Romania, the alarm was raised when a wild horse was spotted with a chain wrapped tightly around its face.

Cutting deep into the skin, causing serious ...


Very Persistent Cat Knows How To Mess With Her Owner
Oct 11, 2017 Animals

In front of you, here is another video that impressed many animal lovers these days. We can see a kitten in it, which made her owner nervous with persistent anxieties.

Everytime when owner ...


Dying Woman Holds 19-Year-Old Service Dog Close. Dog's Next Move Has Everyone In Tears
Oct 10, 2017 Animals

Gentle hands touch the people who are here, in the San Diego Hospice, where those who come will leave in the arms of an angel. And into this place of final days comes one who gives his all.


Guy Sneezes While Making A Video Of His Cat Next To A Lake, Then This Comedy Happens
Oct 10, 2017 Animals

The owner of the kitten captured a video of his cat near the lake, when he unwittingly sneezed. The animal was so scared of loud sound that it bounced with all its might and unhappily landed in the water. ...


Repairmen Show Up To Antenna That Stops Working, Then Open It And Can't Believe What Pours Out
Oct 09, 2017 Animals

It's no doubt that repairmen run into many bizarre situations, but this one may have surpassed them all. Repairmen received a big surprise when they were called to fix an antenna at the Bear Creek Microwave ...


Police Officer Enters Prison With Dog. Pay Attention To Dog's Reaction To Meeting This Inmate
Oct 09, 2017 Animals

Bill Campbell is an American veteran who came home with disability due to concussive brain injury. For his service to his country, he received a yellow labrador retriever named Pax who would change his ...