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Man Is Beating Up Woman In Park, Camera Captures Must See Footage
Oct 20, 2017 Shocking

While many of us would like to think that we would step in and help a stranger in need, it's hard to know exactly how we'd react until we're put in that type of situation. That's why these YouTube stars ...


NBA Player Gordon Hayward Breaks His Ankle In Shocking Way
Oct 18, 2017 Shocking

Less than six minutes into the first game of the season, NBA player Gordon Hayward fractured his left ankle in a gruesome-looking fall, the Boston Celtics confirmed.

Hayward, in his debut ...


VIDEO: Goalkeeper Dies After Colliding With His Soccer Teammate
Oct 16, 2017 Shocking

The football world is again in shock. On the field in Indonesia the goalkeeper of the Persela Lamangan team, Choirul Huda lost his life after the collision with his teammate.

Ramon Rodrigues, ...


How A Chiropractor Changed This Teen's Life
Oct 14, 2017 Shocking

Muntathar Altaii, a 17-year-old,was left with a bent spine after pulling a tree root outside their home in California. For three months, he suffered from excruciating pain on his back and numbness on his ...


Man Finds Deadly Cobra Hiding In Shoes
Oct 14, 2017 Shocking

This video will make you think twice before putting your shoes on. It’s no secret that snakes can slither themselves into our homes, and this is common in Asia, especially during the rainy season. Snakes ...


Russian Man Shocks The World With His Act While Waiting For Elderly Man To Cross The Road
Oct 10, 2017 Shocking

Here comes another clip from Russia, which puts some pressure on people. When the older man slowly moved at the pedestrian crossing, his slowness was clearly interrupted by one of the co-drivers. When ...


Everyone Loses It When Walking On This Glass Bridge. Would You Dare To Take A Walk?
Oct 09, 2017 Shocking

In front of you is a video clip that has circled the world these days. The reason is in a glass bridge that scares the walkers every once in a while.

When the sensor detects the passer-by, ...


Unbelievable Airbus A380 Landing In Hard Crosswind During Storm In Germany
Oct 06, 2017 Shocking

In the north of Germany, the Xavier storm stopped the traffic on the ground, and in the air pilots of the aircraft had quite a bit of trouble while landing.

A video from a Dusseldorf airport ...


Football Player Makes A Horrific Faul, He Deserves A Prison For This
Oct 05, 2017 Shocking

A video is coming from the Argentine soccer league when, at the game between Bandield and Arsenal, Argentinian player Rodrigo Contreras fauled Luciano Civelli in the middle of the first half with a horrible ...


WATCH: Officer Body Worn Camera Footage Of Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
Oct 04, 2017 Shocking

This is a sampling of the body worn camera footage from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers as they helped people escape the hail of gunfire coming from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the night ...


VIDEO: Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting Captured By Visitors At The Concert
Oct 04, 2017 Shocking

New videos are coming from Las Vegas, when at least 59 people were killed in the worst shooting in the history of US. Over 500 people were wounded.

Now the web is surrounded by another video ...


Shocking Moment When Stand Collapses At Amiens Stadium After Lille Scores A Goal
Oct 01, 2017 Shocking

Four Lille supporters were seriously injured and taken to hospital after a barrier collapsed during the side's Ligue 1 match at Amiens.

The Somme prefect Philippe De Mester said: "Their ...


Security Camera Captures Destructive Windstorm In Romania, Footage Will Shock You
Sep 29, 2017 Shocking

From Romania, a video clip is coming after the windstorm hit Timisoara city on September 17th. The security camera caught the moment when the children were playing on the playgrounds.

When ...


Shots Fired on Interstate 80 Near Emeryville, CA During Standoff With Suspected Murderer
Sep 28, 2017 Shocking

Police fatally shot a homicide suspect on an East Bay freeway Wednesday morning and the subsequent investigation closed part of Interstate 80 for hours causing a massive backup and disrupting the afternoon ...


Baby Shark Bites Man's Belly. What They Did Next Will Shock You!
Sep 27, 2017 Shocking

Take a look at this footage of a man with a baby shark biting his belly. The man survived, however, the shark had to be attacked in order to save the man.

Footage is really explicit and ...


Killer Clowns In Las Vegas Make Victims Run For Their Life
Sep 27, 2017 Shocking

Here comes a prank from Las Vegas, that would definitely gave you a heart attack if you would be the victim.

Boys and girls from Italy dressed into the terrifying costumes of clowns, and ...


ISIS Terrorists Get Hit By SAA Tank Shell, Footage Captured On GoPro Is Going Viral
Sep 23, 2017 Shocking

Watch ISIS terrorists scream and cry in the face of Syrian army tanks.

After successfully obliterating the ISIS convoy, the Army found this footage on the GoPro camera of the terror group. ...


Russian Helicopter Accidentally Fires Rockets at Spectators
Sep 20, 2017 Shocking

This is the video that shocked Russia in which a pilot of military helicopter appeared in front of some observers.

But there was a terrible incident, which, fortunately, ended with no fatalities. ...


Inmates Jump Correctional Officers In A Cook County Prison
Sep 16, 2017 Shocking

Here comes another disturbing footage from Cook County jail in Chicago when a group of prisoners attacked two correctional officers.

They were tough when it was seven on two, but when the ...


A Shocking Moment For A Downhill Rider, This Happened In The Woods
Sep 15, 2017 Shocking

Adrenaline addict in the video descended on a downhill course in the middle of a forest with his bicycle when he got a real shock soon after the descent. He made one of the turns, then he saw something ...