A Timelapse Of The Milky Way Galaxy From A Plane

Over the past year, the YouTube network has been surrounded by a remarkable video in which Aryeh Nirenberg captured the Milky Way galaxy in timelapse mode.

The video was made high in the air during the flight, and to date has reached just under 50,000 views.

Despite the small number of views, the video is a real masterpiece - the author flew from the island of Maui in Hawaii to the city of Dallas in Texas, taking a series of photos of the night sky in timelapse mode. With the help of software, he processed the photos and then presented the end result to the world.

The four-hour flight was combined into a one-minute-long timelapse video in which we can follow the stars in the sky. In doing so, we can clearly see even the Milky Way galaxy.

Check out a remarkable video taken by Aryeh Nirenberg during a flight from Hawaii to the city of Dallas in Texas, USA. Will the video impress you too?
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