Drunk Driver Went To The Oncoming Lane, Gets Lesson By A Truck Driver

Unfortunately, on our roads there is a lot of drunk drivers. These days, a video clip from Russia has been uploaded online, in which it is possible to see a drunk driver.

He sat in his car drunk, then drove to one of the sections in the opposite direction, where he met the truck driver.

When the drunk Russian drove on the oncoming lane, the truck driver warned him with a honk. He quickly realized that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, so he took the right into his own hands.

The driver of the truck thus withdrew from the freight vehicle, headed towards the passenger vehicle and took the keys there to stop the drunk driver. Then he pulled out the drunk driver from the vehicle, sat in his seat and parked the vehicle on the edge of the road.

Prior to this, he told the drunk guy that this is not a way to go, and the video clip was quickly circulated online these days. Did the truck driver do the right thing? See how the whole drama was captured by a dash camera installed in his truck...
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